Sofi ‘Sofa in a Box’

Modular sofa pieces
Sofi ‘Sofa in a Box’
A range of practical and affordable grey fabric upholstered sofas that come in kit form, easily assembled with no tools required. The cushions are also reversible with button detailing on one side and plain on the other so you can change the look whenever you fancy a change.

If you live in a space with restricted access, such as an apartment that’s not on the ground floor or a house with a small hallway, you’ve probably already experienced the ‘furniture won’t fit’ problem. It’s an issue that’s particularly difficult with large items that come already assembled, such as beds and sofas, and where whoever designed the space never really thought of how you are supposed to furnish it?

Modular sofas that come in easily assembled form are not a new idea exactly but, alas, they can be still hard to find – particularly at a reasonable price. This new range of contemporary sofas, originally named Sofi, are a welcome addition then and not too pricey either.

Grey fabric modular armchair
Sofi ‘Sofa in a Box’ Armchair
W95 × D87 × H93 cm
Grey fabric 2-seater modular sofa
Sofi Small 2 Seater Sofa
W161 × D87 × H93 cm
Grey fabric 3-seater modular sofa
Sofi Large 3 Seater Sofa
W227 × D87 × H93 cm
Grey fabric modular corner sofa
Sofi Corner Sofa
W216 × D150 × H96 cm

The sofas and armchair arrive in separate boxes and are easily assembled. All you need to do is attach the sides and wooden legs – and that’s it, you’re good to go. And, if you ever move, the sofas can be taken apart just as easily and re-assembled in your new home. The frames also come with a 15 year guarantee so you can be assured the quality is there too.

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