Siesta Chaise End Sofa Bed

Grey fabric sofa bed with black metal legs
Siesta Sofa Bed
W278 × D168 × H79 cm

When your home has a large living space but is lacking in terms of space for an extra bed or spare bedroom, most homeowners will look to the concept of a sofa bed to tick both boxes for daily comfort and giving guests somewhere to stay.

The Siesta Chaise End Sofa Bed takes this one step further, working a full double bed structure into the build of a sofa with additional chaise end – adding that little bit of extra surface space for users to spread out. READ MORE…

The expansive sleeping or relaxing surface is delicately sat on a series of thin meal legs, which instantly elevates the aesthetic style and removes the chunky look that so often comes with sofa beds.

Instead, your living space becomes somewhere stylish to relax – with the accessible and easy-to-use mechanism and frame allowing you to slot the extra surface space back into the frame when not in use.

Moving away from the frame and usability itself, it’s important to also look at the material and fabric finish of the sofa bed – with this particular model benefitting from a neutral grey which has button detailing and is finished in a durable and long lasting fabric which can withstand regular use as a bed and a sofa.

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