Rattan Accent Chair

Pair of solid wood accent chairs with rattan back and seat pad
Rattan Accent Chair
Proof that an accent chair can be understated, and that you don’t need colour or even size in order to create a focal point in your home or living space…
Solid ash chair with rattan backrest and seat
Solid ash chair with rattan backrest and seat - rear view
W59 × D68 × H74 cm

This Rattan accent chair combines its richly coloured ash wood frame with a lighter rattan detailing across the seat and backrest, framed by more natural ash with a deep varnish to really make the colours and grain patterning pop. Read more…

Set low with a light recline to the chair in terms of its overall structure, this chair was made for relaxing and is the perfect piece of furniture to bridge your inside living space with your outside space – working with your interior and exterior design ideas in equal measure.

The fact that the back legs of the chair are set at an angle means that the seat of the chair elevates slightly towards the front, helping to ensure that your back is supported in a comfortable and productive position.

While you can add your own pop of colour in the form of a cushion or throw, we love the way that this chair becomes an accent due to its shape and structural emphasis – with angular extremities and softly rounded corners.

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