Halo Tuxedo Leather Swivel Chair

Leather swivel armchair
Curved leather swivel armchair
W86 × D96 × H92 cm

Are you looking for the perfect armchair for movie watching as well as gaming, which adds a stylish aesthetic to your home but without losing the functional benefits of a comfortable and accessible swivel chair?
Then look no further than this Halo Tuxedo design, covered from top to bottom in a leather fabric with concealed swivel base and a chunky overall design. Read more…

Set atop a static base, the entire main body of this chair is designed to effortlessly rotate as required – making it first and foremost a great furnishing for those areas of your home where different tasks can be completed.

And while many swivel chairs are purely practical and boast little in the way of home comforts – leaning instead on the practicality of the core movement – the Halo Tuxedo chair takes functional design in a very different direction.

The chair itself is designed to be incredibly comfortable, boasting a slightly angled backrest and sweeping armrests which are set to the ideal height for work and play. The entire structure is covered in the same fabric and padded for maximum support and comfort, while the seat is oversized to facilitate a perfect fit.

With the leather look finished in a soft brown, add your own coloured cushions for a unique aesthetic to match your home.

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