Halo Fold Leather Chair & Sofa

Curvy leather chair
Curved profile leather chair with a metal base
Halo Fold Leather Chair
W79 × D103 × H100 cm
Leather 3-seater with fold-over side cushions
3-seater leather upholstered sofa
Halo Fold Large 3 Seater Leather Sofa
W225 × D100 × H86 cm

Leather is a fabric which is constantly moving in and out of favour with homeowners and interior designers – until now. The Halo Fold leather collection uses the traditional material in a way which is totally unique, blending a warm brown colour palette with gentle ridging which creates a texture unlike that which can be achieved with any other fabric. Read more…

The leather itself is soft and supple, lending itself to the design of both the chair and sofa which boasts folded features and sweeping lines.

The chair is made from one long stretch of padded fabric, which is folded over at the top to create a double-layer headrest. The same technique has been used in the creation and design of the sofa, with the two armrests crafted from a fold in the padded fabric.

The only difference lies in the style f frame used to bring each furnishing to life, with the chair used a metallic silver metal while the sofa spotlights a more subtle black frame.

What this fold does is create a seamless structure, which is both consistent in terms of comfort and incredibly simple in terms of design.

Adding your own cushions and coloured features enables homeowners to tailor the furnishing to their space – or why not match the sofa and armchair for a timeless and elegant finish.

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