Embrace Sofa Bed

Chunky 2-seater sofa with light-grey upholstery and exposed oak frame
A minimalist sofa frame which presents the illusion of floating above the ground, this sofa boasts not one but two core uses – with the backrest laying back down to create a comfortable sofa bed…
Light grey fabric upholstered sofa with expose oak frame - rear view
Light grey fabric upholstered sofa bed with exposed oak frame
With the armrests doubling up as a head and baseboard when the sofa is moved into bed position, this is one of the most stylish sofa beds on the market, with the luxurious and plump structure ensuring that as a bed this feels like far more than a temporary solution…
The Embrace sofa bed is a great option for those smaller homes or guest rooms which double as storage spaces or home offices – maximising the use of floor space and creating a comfortable extra bed when required. Read more…

The simple and modern colour scheme and aesthetic of this particular model means that it integrates seamlessly within a 21st century home design scheme, with the rounded and polished wooden frame a warm addition to any space.

In terms of usability and function, this sofa bed is easy to manoeuvre singlehandedly and can be transitioned from seat to bed in seconds. Simply add your favourite pillow and a blanket or two, and create a soft and well cushioned bed for even the most unexpected of guests.

W236 × D966 × H82cm
Extends to 123 cm

£1,099 with free UK mainland delivery

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