Camden Leather Sofas

Grey leather sofa
An example of modern living at its finest, the Camden leather sofa collection combines the timeless concept of leather chairs with a modern colour palette and added features, creating furnishings which compliment the neutral surroundings of a 21st century home but with all the trimmings of timeless interior style
Leather armchair
Camden Leather Armchair
W108 × D96 × H89 cm
From £1,149
Tan leather snuggler
Camden Leather Snuggler
W123 × D98 × H89 cm
From £1,199
Small tan leather 2-seater sofa
Camden Small 2 Seater Leather Sofa
W158 × D98 × H89 cm
From £1,449
Medium width leather 2-seater
Camden Medium 2 Seater Leather Sofa
W180 × D98 × H89 cm
From £1,649
3-seater leather sofa
Camden Large 3 Seater Leather Sofa
W200 × D98 × H89 cm
From £1,799
Left-handed leather corner chaise
Camden LHF Chaise Corner End Leather Sofa
W205 × D205 × H89 cm
From £2,899
Right-handed leather corner chaise
Camden RHF Chaise Corner End Leather Sofa
W205 × D205 × H89 cm
From £2,899
Leather corner sofa
Camden Leather Corner Sofa
W253 × D253 × H89 cm
From £3,299

From slate grey to rich brown, the colours available throughout the Camden leather sofa collection all add warmth to the home and can be selected as standalone furnishings or as part of a wider collection. Read more…

The addition of features which include the reclining mechanism and footstool in one of the armchairs, plus the corner structures which are considered a very modern trend, bring these iconic leather furnishings into the modern interior industry and ensure that they serve both an aesthetic and a functional purpose.

And what better way to bring both your home and living space to life than with a grand, leather chair sat in one corner?

Consider adding a coloured cushion or throw to this chair to add your own style and personality or shroud it in soft light from a floor lamp to create a cosy and relaxing corner in your home.

This particular collection offers a standard armchair and reclining armchair, as well as a two seater, three seater, and corner sofa to help fit the space available.

The Camden Leather Sofa range is exclusive to John Lewis & Partners

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