Angus Snuggle Chairs & Sofas

Patterned fabric snuggle chair
Angus Kashmar Chenille Snuggle Chair
W142 × D91 × H81 cm
Tan faux leather upholstered snuggle chair
Angus Faux Leather Combo Snuggle Chair
W142 × D91 × H81 cm
Tan faux leather 3-seater sofa
Angus Faux Leather Combo 3 Seater Sofa
W217 × D91 × H82 cm
Have you ever noticed how modern furnishings and interior design schemes are often influenced by and based upon design concepts and styles from decades ago? From art deco styling to vintage furnishings and more, a major trend in homeware at the moment is infusing modern and neutral spaces with bold and vibrant patterns – creating layers which bring a space to life, and which allow simple items of furniture to become statements amongst a room or open space. Read more…

The Angus snuggle chairs and sofas take this authentic use of old patterns and styles to a new level, presenting a range of seating solutions which embody the shape of an old armchair, and which utilise both simple leather and complex chenille fabrics with a multitude of colours and patterns.

Each chair and sofa in the collection comes with complimentary cushions, which are created from fabrics that the designer believes match the statement that the chair is designed to make – usually juxtaposing colours and patterns in a playful and design-focussed way.

With an oversized structure in the armchair, and a wideset frame for the three-seater sofa, comfort is as important as style and aesthetic when it comes to the Angus collection – making these the ideal furnishings for living spaces, home offices, and even large bedrooms.

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