Martha Vintage Velvet Sofas

If you want to give your home, living space, bedroom, or home office a worn and comfortable look, then look no further than the Martha vintage velvet sofa collection – which embodies the rich luxury of a velvet texture, covering the seat cushions and backrest of each piece with a nod to vintage styling and structure. READ MORE…

From the button detailing across the back of the sofas and chairs, to the curved and ruched edges which exude a look of worn age, these sofas are the epitome of comfort and have a deliberately oversized seat to optimise the comfort of the user.

And it doesn’t end there. While modern sofa structures often have hard edged armrests and definitive structures, this collection of sofas boasts a padded edging which softens the complete structure and makes it perfect for toning down an otherwise very angular and straight-edged room.

The colours available also add to this effect, with a coral pink, soft grey, and warm sandy neutral shade all available in the one, two, and three seater options.

From complimenting a traditional or rustic home, to juxtaposing the angular lines of a modern space, the Martha vintage sofas are proof that sometimes the most comfortable and warming furnishings can be inspired by the past.

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