Kiera Sideboard & TV Stand

Small 2-door sideboard with walnut finish and marble top
Kiera Compact Sideboard
W65 × D38 × H76 cm
Walnut finish sideboard with slatted doors and marble top
Kiera Small Sideboard Walnut
W100 × D40 × H76 cm
Walnut finish TV stand with marble top
Kiera Wide TV Stand
W150 × D36 × H51 cm
Wide TV stand with walnut finish and marble top
Kiera Extra Wide TV Stand
W180 × D36 × H51 cm

When furnishing a modern home, you will often hear talk about the importance of texture as well as visual and aesthetic detailing – with varied and contrasting textures often used by modern designers to breathe life and vibrance into even the most minimalist and neutral of spaces. Read more…

The Kiera furniture range offers the perfect example of how texture can instantly uplift a simple furnishing, combining the beauty of natural wood with the ornate detailing that comes from a ribbed texture and unexpected structure.

This is achieved, throughout the Kiera range, with mango wood – a natural material which boasts a rich colour and exquisite patterning, giving each and every slat in the ribbed exterior design its own unique finish, colour, and pattern.

All of this is presented in direct contrast to the authentic white marble top surface and the gold metal frame beneath, which pulls the mango wood main body of each sideboard and unit into the modern interior market, and which serves to ensure each piece is decorative and elegant in terms of the aesthetic finish.

The Kiera collection includes a compact and larger sideboard, as well as a couple of different TV stands which combine the vast top surface with both concealed and open shelving storage.

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