Jive Range

2-tier coffee table with bright yellow top
Habitat Jive Coffee Table
W72 × D72 × H40 cm
2-tier side table with yellow top
Habitat Jive Side Table
W45 × D45 × H56 cm
2-tier shelving unit
Habitat Jive Short Shelving Unit
W44 × D72 × H85 cm
6-tier shelving unit
Habitat Jive Narrow Shelving Unit
W72 × D44 × H195 cm
When it comes to furnishing a home, no matter the size or interior design style, it can be difficult to find furnishings which offer a simple but playful and vibrant aesthetic.

With so many pieces out there either playing into the simple and modern box, or else encompassing the brightest colours and most exotic designs, finding that balance between the two can be challenging – until now. READ MORE…

The Jive range of furnishings combines a mostly simple wooden structure with brightly coloured surfaces – adding a pop of colour and life into the otherwise very plain and modern pieces.

The end result creates a design-centric look which can be toned down with other neutral colours or boosted with complimentary coloured accessories, depending on your interior preference and design choices.

As part of this collection, the Jive range includes a coffee table, a side table, a short shelving unit, and a taller set of shelves – the shelves all topped with yellow for the upper surface and then complimented with cream and dark grey surfaces moving further down the piece.

As well as being created with design and aesthetics in mind, the structure of each of these pieces is built to last – made from oak for the natural wood and painted MDF for the coloured shelves.

Proof that modern living doesn’t have to be dull.

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