Swivel LED Uplighter Floor Lamp

Black and brass floor lamp with swivel uplighter
Lighting solutions no longer have to be relegated to bland table lamps and hanging bulbs from the ceiling – as proved by this Swivel LED uplighter.
Combining two different bulbs angled in very different directions, not only is this lighting solution aesthetically interesting to look at in terms of its structure – the very light it gives off is completely unique and gives your interior space a subtle but attractive glow. Read more…

Sat atop a tall frame, the two pillars both contain a light bulb which produces a beam of light in a straight direction – with one pointing upwards while the other is angled down towards the floor.

What this does is create a glow in the entire space without presenting a direct beam of light – with the metal pillar surrounding the bulb so that the glow from each bulb is more atmospheric than direct.

This light is available in two colour palettes – one a simple silver steel aesthetic, while the other combines a matt black metal finish with a reflective gold feature pillar to produce more of an art deco vibe.

Light and subtle in terms of its framing and structure, this simple light is a decorative structure both when lit and when switched off – making it a fun, atmospheric, and playful addition to any home.

W25 × D33 × H172 cm

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