Kalinda Table Lamp

Curved moss green ceramic lamp
Kalinda Table Lamp – Moss Green
Taupe ceramic table lamp
Kalinda Table Lamp – Taupe
Red curved ceramic table lamp
Kalinda Table Lamp – Red Garnet

A table lamp is, in many rooms and locations around the home, a necessity. Not only are table lamps a valuable source of light, but they often provide a more atmospheric alternative to large ceiling lights – helping to make a specific room in the home feel softer or more romantic. Read more…

The Kalinda table lamp does all of this and takes it one step further, becoming a big part of your interior décor and design as well.

The main frame and structure of the lamp appears with a bulbous design, starting thin at the top where the main base connects with the lamp, and pushing outwards to its widest point at the base.

This curved design is further enhanced by the glossy surface which creates the illusion of lighter and darker patches of colour.

Moving on then to the lamp shade, which is equally as decorative but takes the overall aesthetic in a different direction.

The lamp shade boasts a pleated design which sees the patterned fabric layered in small folds following a circular shape. This is bordered around the top and bottom edge with another strip of fabric, designed to juxtapose the bold coloured base.

An example of how light fittings aren’t just functional but can become intrinsically decorative.

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