Hiko Ceiling Lights

3 pendant ceiling light fitting with black wire shades
Hiko 3 Pendant Diner Ceiling Light
W77 × D25 × H55 cm
Ceiling light with black wire frame
Hiko Large Ceiling Light
W80 × D80 × H33 cm

Lighting is not just a functional component in your home design – it really can make or break a room, not just in terms of the way the space is illuminated but as a focal point of its own.
The Hiko Ceiling Lights combine a striking metal frame design, complete with spokes which surround the main light fitting and meet the outer loop, with a central and exposed bulb so that the metal frame appears almost like a hat on top of the bulb. Read more…

With a selection of configurations and sizes available, as well as different metals and colour palettes for all spaces, the Hiko light collection is ideal for breathing life and modern design flair into your home – whether you want a row of lights hanging together, or a standalone central fitting.

The bulb itself is oversized and can be selected in your chosen colour and intensity to suit the space. The fitting hangs from a thin and minimalist cord which can be altered to your ideal height, and which creates the illusion that the light is hanging – something which makes for a fun and conversational central point in a modern home.

Proof that lights can be as decorative as they are useful, this collection puts your ceiling light in the spotlight (no pun intended!)

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