Elephant Ceramic Table Lamp

Elephant themed table lamp with linen shade
Baby Elephant Ceramic Table Lamp
W25 × D25 × H42 cm
Large elephant theme table lamp
Elephant Ceramic Table Lamp
W28 × D28 × H51 cm

One of the hallmarks of modern interior design is the infusion of abstract accessories and furnishings which mix angular edges with curved lines.
The Elephant Ceramic Table Lamp boasts a decorative base which acts as more of an artistic feature than a classic table lamp stand – contrasting with the classic lamp shade which is finished in a neutral fabric. Read more…

As part of a collection which combines a series of artistic and abstract base units, these table lamps perfectly bridge the concept of functional accessories and ensure that the lamp doesn’t just illuminate the space but becomes a core part of its design flair.

One of the designs depicts a curved shape which represents the outline of an elephant from the side – with one side of the upside down curve thicker than the other. This is further enhanced by the colouring, which is neutral with a rolling contrasting colour spreading from the top.

The other design is more of a contained shape, again using juxtaposing curves and angular lines to deliver something unique and eye-catching.

This design is finished in a soft blue which compliments the neutral fabric shade and works seamlessly in a modern setting. The perfect light fittings for a modern home in need of some design flair.

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