Delaney Table Lamps

With a focus on industrial style combined with modern minimalism and an interior flair for layered materials and textured finishes, the Delaney table lamps are both highly decorative and overwhelmingly simple – setting a bulb of your choice into a simple lamp stand which can be left uncovered or surrounded with a shade to soften the spread of light.

Whether you keep it simple with the bulb holder and no lampshade or choose one of the softer designs with a tall and narrow or wider based shade, the lamp stands rely on the same timeless design – layering metallic materials in striped grey, silver, and bronze colours for that unique and authentic aesthetic finish. Read more…

One of the benefits of this collection of table lamps is the way that it adjusts and elevates the aesthetic finish of your home or interior space dependent on the surrounding furnishings and interior design scheme.

Adding aesthetic interest to a modern and neutral space, or perfectly complimenting a more industrial room, these lamps present a basic structure upon which to mount the lamp of your choice – for decorative purposes or the functional flow of light.

Choose one standout lamp to become a feature in your room or unite a selection of lamps for a cohesive finish.

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