Dante Ceiling Lights

With lighting a core part of any interior design, this Dante ceiling light collection is designed to make a statement – combining the teardrop shape with dozens of individual glass drops and beads which reflect the light in different ways and turn the single fitting into a work of art.

Teardrop-style chandelier - small
Dante Small Ceiling Light
Diam. 24cm x H38cm x 105cm Drop
Large teardrop-style chandelier
Dante Grande Ceiling Light
Diam. 35cm x H51cm x 110cm Drop
Designed to be hung from the ceiling and fitted atop a standard light, this is a chandelier type design which can ooze elegance and grandeur into any room – with the Dante light fittings particularly popular in bedrooms and above dining table across both modern and more eclectic homes. Read more…

Despite every glass drop and bead offering a clean and transparent aesthetic, when the light is on or the sun is shining into the room, these small individual pieces create rainbows and patterns on the ceiling and surrounding walls – creating an enticing and naturally beautiful pattern which changes with the light and the seasons.

Whether your room is modern and neutral in decoration, or fused with lots of colours and vibrant accessories, this light will compliment its surroundings and integrate seamlessly.

Available in a range of sizes, choose this light fitting as a statement piece or as part of a broader decorative scheme in your home.

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