Larder unit

Olney Larder Unit

A standalone larder unit in two different sizes, which maximises the availability of storage space for your kitchen. Boasting a simple pale grey and wood aesthetic. Read more

Grey painted kitchen island

Olney Kitchen Island

A versatile kitchen island which can be integrated into your existing kitchen with relative ease, optimising worktop surfacing, storage space, and added benefits. Read more

Grey-painted trolley with a single drawer and 2 slatted shelves

John Lewis Butcher’s Trolley

A practical collection of trolleys, perfect for use in the kitchen and for entertaining around the home. Featuring shelves, built-in drawers, and towel rails for ease of use. Read more

Free-standing kitchen island

Churchgate Kitchen Island

A diverse collection of kitchen islands and storage trolleys which combine a simple and modern aesthetic with optimum function, shelving, and use of floor space. Read more

4 drawer butcher's trolley with 3 baskets

Lambourn Butcher’s Trolley

Expand the surface space and functionality of your kitchen without a renovation, with the Lambourn collection of butcher’s trolleys. Portable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Read more

Rustic pine kitchen island

Freestanding Kitchen Islands

Bring your kitchen to life with a freestanding kitchen island, adding extra surface space and storage in a self-contained and versatile structure. Available in a number of styles…. Read more