Maze Oxford Rattan Range

Rattan outdoor furniture set
Durable, modern, and effortlessly stylish, the Maze Oxford Rattan range of outdoor furniture is both versatile and clean in its aesthetic – making it the perfect collection for those manicured and low maintenance outside spaces with lots of patio and plenty of space for lounging and entertaining…
Pair of rattan armchairs with grey cushions and a matching side table
Oxford 3 Piece Lounge Set
A pair of heritage lounging chairs complete with a glass-topped side table
Chairs: W62 × D74 × H89 cm
Table: W45 × D40 × H30 cm
Glass topped rattan dining table with 6 rattan dining armchairs
Oxford – Venice 6 Seat Oval Rattan Dining Set
A set of 6 Venice rattan dining chairs with a glass-topped oval dining table complete with central ice-bucket
Chairs: W62 × D74 × H89 cm
Table: W180 × D120 × H74 cm
Rattan 2-seater sofa, a pair of rattan armchairs and a glass-topped rattan coffee table
Oxford Heritage Square Rattan Sofa Set
A 2-seater rattan sofa, pair of armchairs and a glass-topped coffee table
Sofa: W131 × D77 × H88 cm
Chairs: W69 × D77 × H88 cm
Table: W99 × D49 × H41 cm
Rattan corner sofa with a matching oval coffee table
Oxford Small Corner Rattan Sofa Set
A compact corner sofa complete with a matching coffee table
Sofas: W134 × D86 × H78 cm
Corner: W89 × D86 × H78 cm
Table: W110 × D57 × H38 cm
U-shaped rattan lounging sofa with a matching stool and coffee table
Oxford Royal U Shaped Rattan Sofa Set – With Rising Table
The ultimate rattan garden furniture set with a U-shaped sofa and versatile rising height table
Side Sofas: W125 × D80 × H88 cm
Centre Sofa: W125 × D80 × H88 cm
Curved Corner: W154 × D80 × H88 cm
Table: W136 × D121 × H48 – 70 cm
Bench Seat: W100 × D44 × H37 cm
With two different styles of chair available, one a more angular armchair while the other boasts rounded edges and a softer frame, the way you furnish and dress your space is up to you – with the texture grey colour palette lending itself to all sorts of outdoor settings big and small. Read more…

The addition of backrest cushions as well as seat cushions further enhances the comfort of each chair, with the rounded backs ensuring that the body is both supported and shrouded in comfort.

This, combined with the integration of several different tables and surfaces depending on usage, lets the buyer select the garden set which best compliments both their space and their needs – whether that be a vast dining table for alfresco meals, or a glass topped side table to hold drinks and facilitate a toast in the comfort and privacy of your own garden.

Luxury made easier, comfortable, and infinitely stylish.

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