Solid Wood Flooring

For a timeless finish that improves with age you can’t beat solid wood flooring, available in a range of finishes and as easy to lay as conventional laminate flooring…

Solid Pine Flooring
Granna Natural Pine Solid Wood Flooring
W120 × D20 × L2000 cm
£28.80 for a pack of 4
Bamboo wood flooring
Rayong Natural Bamboo Solid Wood Flooring
W96 × D15 × L960 mm
£88.40 for a pack of 4
Oak flooring
Visby Oak Wood Flooring
W120 × D15 × L1200 mm
£51.84 for a pack of 4
Teak flooring
Krabi Teak Wood Flooring
W90 × D12 × L600 mm
£72.58 for a pack of 4
Solid wood flooring is renowned for a number of benefits, whether used in kitchens, living spaces, hallways, or bedrooms throughout your home.

Aside from being incredibly durable and aesthetically pleasing, the coveted status of solid wood flooring means that it can instantly add value to your home or property and is something that prospective buyers look out for when selecting their ideal new property. Read more…

In terms of selecting the best solid wood floor for you, the plethora of different types of wood means there is a finish and a material for every home and every homeowner – from light and modern finishes to deeper and more traditional woods which lend themselves to a very grand interior aesthetic.

While solid wood may be an expensive floor type, its ability to withstand high footfall – not to mention the fact that its aesthetic is only made more authentic with a little wear and tear – means that provided you inject the right amount of care and maintenance into your floor, it will look and feel great underfoot for many years to come.

Solid wood floor is available in a range of finishes including our oak, teak, or natural bamboo – all of which have their own colour tone and the benefit of natural grain patterning throughout.

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