Geometric Pattern Rugs

When it comes to home interiors, particularly in a modern home, it can be difficult to find patterns which elevate rather than overwhelm a space.

From selecting the right colours to determining which patterns and textures work best within a single space, everything from furniture to carpets can transform the way a space is presented – which is why rugs have become such a popular alternative to coloured furnishings and floors.

Grey/purple geometric pattern rug
Geo Squares Rug
An on-trend combination of bold pattern and shades
Available in 3 sizes & 4 colourways
Bold orange, grey and navy pattern rug
Laken Geometric Wool Rug
All wool with a striking bold pattern design
Available in 3 sizes
Pink/plum geometric pattern rug
Harlow Rug
A contemporary geometric pattern enhanced with shimmering viscose
Available in 2 sizes & 4 colourways
Bold pattern rug
Archer Geometric Rug
Hand carved in pure wool with bold vibrant colours
Available in 3 sizes
Multi-colour geo pattern rug
Yara Geometric Rug
Bold, vibrant geometric patterns & colours with a hand-carved finish
Available in 3 sizes

Not only are rugs temporary and easy to move around and adjust as you please, but they are available in a seemingly endless array of colours and designs – with this collection of Geometric patterned rugs combining angular edges and shapes with a blend of bold colours and softer tones for a really stylish finish. Read more…

Boasting a number of designs, all of which lean on both colour and texture to create aesthetic interest throughout an interior space, each rug in this collection is available in a number of different sizes to help you find the right balance in your space or home – whether you’re looking to separate an open plan room with rugs and well-placed furniture, or simply warm up a smaller space.

The varying materials and finishes throughout the collection means that different rugs have different care requirements, so be sure consider this when selecting your perfect piece.

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