Natural History Museum Display Cabinets

Natural History Museum Tall Glazed Cabinet
W101 × D40 × H108 cm
How many times have you packed crockery or accessories away into a cabinet or cupboard, only to completely forget about them and either replace them or never see them again (until clear out day). Read more…

While plenty of storage is a must in every family home, many find that by placing things in closed cupboards and behind opaque doors, they simply forget what is in there – which is why cabinets with glass panels are becoming increasingly important both as functional and aesthetic accessories.

Giving your home the “museum treatment”, these cabinets are designed and built with display in mind – uniting the wooden framed glass windows and panels with closed drawers to tick all storage requirements in a modern home.

In addition to this innovative use of glass frontage panels, the very structure of each cabinet is finished to a high quality – using ornate mango wood which is not only strong but also presents an attractive pattern and natural grain throughout.

These cabinets were made in partnership with the Natural History Museum which is where they get their name – empowering homeowners to give their homes a little extra design flair and finally showcase those ornate wineglasses or expensive plate sets.

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