Slatted TV Stand/Sideboard

Wide oak sideboard with slatted doors
Modern living meets rustic interiors with this slatted TV stand / sideboard, which is built for a multitude of uses and combines accessible storage with the simple but playful aesthetic that comes with varying textures
Oak corner sidebaord/tv stand with 2 slatted doors
Small Slatted TV Stand
W110 × D52 × H58 cm
Oak cabinet with a pair of slatted doors
Slatted 2 Door Cabinet
A pair of curved, slatted doors open to reveal a divided storage space with adjustable shelves
W90 × D36 × H92 cm
Wide oak sideboard with shelves and cable access
Slatted TV Stand Sideboard for TVs up to 60-inch
W160 × D42 × H70 cm
Round oak 2-tier coffee table with slatted sides
Slatted Coffee Table
A statement 2-tier table with a unique slatted surround
W80 × D80 × H40 cm
Oak console table with a curved, slatted top
Slatted Console Table
Chunky curved design with a pair of slatted doors concealing a spacious cupboard area
W110 × D34 × H73 cm

Despite the use of natural wood and soft curves tying this sideboard furnishing into a rustic home decorators catalogue, the use of texture and intricate patterning within a single material creates an overtly modern feel in this piece – with the slatted front end of the piece tying in nicely with the neutral colours of a modern home. Read more…

Opening in the centre, the slatted front end conceals two doors – behind which lie two vast storage shelves with plenty of space for TV accessories, gaming devices and more.

To elevate the accessibility and usability of this storage space, holes have been cut out of the back of the unit to allow any wires to pass through and up into your television set or towards a plug socket.

Whether you decide to keep the surface empty and minimalist or display some of your interior decorations on and across it, this unit is large in shape and sits well against a wall.

Alternatively, you can use the curved front shape of this unit to create a barrier between two segments of your living space, separating an open plan room into smaller areas.

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