Indus Valley Orbit Dining Table & Sideboard

Round marble-effect dining table with conical gold-coloured base
Indus Valley Orbit 6 Seater Oval Dining Table
W180 × D90 × H76 cm
3-door mango wood sidebaord
Indus Valley Orbit 3 Door Sideboard
W145 × D42 × H76 cm

If you want to invite your dinner guests or family to be seated around a communal and round-shaped dining table but are concerned that a circular table will not offer enough space for everyone, then an oval shaped table could be the perfect solution for you. Read more…

Stretching a round table out so that it benefits from maximum space and can fit more easily into a standard interior space or dining room, an oval dining table is both accessible and communal – with this particular design going even further to infuse your home with luxury.

The table surface boasts a white ceramic finish which is made to mimic marble – running grey lines throughout the white surface to elevate the finish and make it appear expensive and luxurious.

The frame underneath, meanwhile, is a solid block of matte gold which immediately adds an art deco vibe to the table and illuminates the whole space.

Weighty and incredibly durable, this dining table is perfect for everyday dining and special occasions and can be dressed up or down whether you’re looking to theme your dinner parties or simply revel in the modern elegance of the piece.

The perfect addition to an otherwise bland dining room.

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