Teak Root Dining Table

Round glass dining table with teak root base and two curved back dining chairs
Round Teak Root Dining Table
W120 × D120 × H77 cm
Rectangular glass top dining table with a pair of teak root bases
Rectangular Teak Root Dining Table
Available in 5 sizes from 160 cm – 300 cm

A dining table with a difference – the design of the Teak Root dining table captures the essence of modern living with its simple materials, but in a uniquely decorative way which ensures this table becomes the focal point in any space. Read more…

Combining a simple glass surface with the square cut root from a teak tree, buyers can be certain that their purchase is completely unique and built on the foundation of the tree from which it was cut – impacting the colours and natural patterning of the wood, its structure, and the overall aesthetic.

You will notice that there are a couple of different shapes and sizes available for different dining spaces, presenting both round-top tables and rectangular designs – the latter of which is available in a multitude of sizes to help you find your perfect match.

These glass surfaces are set upon square-cut root plinths in a way that balances the heavy base below and provides a modern and minimalist finish set with warm natural colours.

Weighty and incredibly durable, this isn’t just a table that will last a lifetime – it is one which will outlive the trends and ever-changing styles as they hit the market, making it an investment into your current and long term interior design.

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