Hanna Dining Chairs

Walnut dining chair with woven seat pad
Habitat Hanna Wood Dining Chairs – Walnut
Oak dining chairs with woven seat pads
Habitat Hanna Dining Chairs – Oak
Black wooden dining chairs with woven seat pads
Habitat Hanna Pair of Wood Dining Chairs – Black

There’s something about these dining chairs that feels incredibly traditional, using a design pattern and aesthetic concept which has been around for decades. Having said that, the finish of these chairs also taps into the modern affinity for minimalist structures and curved edges, while the woven seat lends itself to both rustic and modern settings. Read more…

To understand what kind of dining space these chairs would suit, let’s take a closer look at the details.
The chairs are made from wood and offer a range of different finishes – from a painted black finish to light oak and richer walnut wood.

All of these colour tones make full use of the wood’s natural grain and patterning as part of the design, and all use the same light coloured rope to weave the base of the seat.

The frame of the chair is incredibly simple and boasts a curved backrest which hugs the contours of the back right where the diner needs support.

The woven seat offers that little bit of give and movement to optimise comfort – though you can add seat cushions for extra padding if you wish.

It is the juxtaposition between the wood and the woven seat which really makes these chairs a modern staple.

W48 × D40 × H76 cm

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