ANYDAY Virtue Dining Chair

Oak dining chair with curved backrest and grey fabric seat pad
Curved back oak dining chair, rear view
W51 × D49 × H81 cm
£249 for a set of 2

When it comes to furnishing a home, selecting the perfect dining chairs is more difficult than it sounds – for a number of reasons. Firstly, you need to find chairs which are comfortable to sit in. Secondly, those chairs need to be easy to store and/or stack, and finally they need to match your table design and compliment your dining space. Read more…

The ANYDAY Virtue dining chairs meet all of these needs and more, with a simple but elegant natural wood finish, crossover base frame, and a curved backrest which follows the contours of the body for maximum comfort.

Supporting the back in just the right place, this structure leaves a large gap between the backrest and the seat, while the light curve in the back ensures that you feel stable and well supported throughout an entire meal.

The seat itself is padded and it’s here that homeowners and buyers can really explore the aesthetic benefits of these chairs as the grey fabric is neutral and versatile enough to match any colour scheme.

Add to that the durable fabric and the fact it is wipe clean, and you have a set of dining chairs which are as functional and long lasting as they are stylish to look at.

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