Working out in your garden!

Cutting grass
Did you know you could be working off those extra calories in the comfort of your own home?

There are many health benefits from working with your garden to help shape up and tidy up your garden during the summer months, here are 5 easy examples of tasks you could easily add to your plans this weekend:

Weeding – Remove unwanted weeds using your hands is better than using chemicals, firstly for the environment, but also as it means you have to manually pick up and move your body to do so – this burns around 331 calories in an hour.#

Mowing the lawn – A job that we all hate, but it needs doing – by pushing a lawnmower around the garden can consume a massive 327 calories in one sitting.

Sweeping the driveway – As it moves in to Autumn the leaves start to fall, so what better work out than getting outside and brushing away these unwanted leaves on your paths and driveway – whilst at the same time burning around 288 calories.

Picking up the leaves – Why not take it a step further – after sweeping all the leaves to the side, get a couple of big empty compost bags and a dust pan and brush and gather those leaves up into the bags – this can burn up to 274 calories.

Watering the plants – Manually watering the plants sounds a simple task – but by walking around the garden with a watering can, and going back and forth to fill it up, you can earn a reduction of up to 187 calories with ease.

Getting all this done on Saturday, means you have earned that nice relaxing Sunday afternoon on your lovely Rattan Garden Chairs and take in all your hard work around the garden!

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