When a Bedroom is Not Just for Sleeping

Cramped living space

The primary purpose for a bedroom is, of course, sleeping. But sometimes that is not the only use a bedroom has, for example, if you live in a studio apartment, if it is a children’s room or if your bedroom has to double up as an office.

In each of these situations you will need to allocate your space wisely and be able to keep designated areas in your bedroom. There are a number of ways you can do this. Here are some ideas.

Living in a Studio Apartment

If you’re living in a studio apartment then you have to know how to divide your living space into appropriate areas and to use the space wisely. At the same time you do not want to sacrifice comfort.

Here are some tips for one room living:

  • Use pale, neutral colours to decorate your room, this will open up the walls and maximise the sense of space.
  • Divide your space into different zones using screens, bookcases or large plants.
  • Use a sofa-bed or futon or dress up your bed in the daytime to look like a sofa.
  • Consider buying a loft/cabin bed.
  • Use furniture on casters, that way you can move you things around whenever you feel like changing the layout.
  • Furnish your space with multifunctional furniture, such as a stool that functions as a storage box.
  • Mount your TV and stereo on the wall to free up floor space.
  • Use a pot-lid rack, (normally found in the kitchen), to hang magazines, books and files near your sofa or armchair.
  • Put the empty space under a shelf to use by placing a few hooks underneath to hang cups, keys, bells or other decorative objects.
  • Scatter matching small tables around the apartment, and put them together to make one long party table for special occasions.

Sleeping in a Loft Bed

Loft/cabin beds are great for individuals of all ages, especially those people short on space. Instead of choosing uncomfortable pull-out sofas or chairs that turn into beds or the space saving but awkward Murphy bed, consider choosing a loft bed instead. Kids love loft beds because of the sheer novelty.

The sleeping space is elevated, like in a bunk bed, but there is space below, not a bed, freeing up space to use in your apartment. If you are choosing a loft bed for older children, consider avoiding lofts that are a great distance off the ground.

Loft beds are also great for university halls of residence rooms. Most university halls do not have enough space for desks, so consider enlisting a loft to allow space for these absolute necessities.

Murphy Bed
Murphy Bed

A Murphy Bed

William Murphy died nearly 50 years ago, but his name lives on thanks to his most famous invention. The Murphy bed is a retractable bed that hides in a cabinet, turning any room into a bedroom. You can even mount a desk or TV onto the underside, making the unit functional even when no one is sleeping in it.

Remember, although Murphy beds do fold away, you do need that floor space when they’re in use.

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