Ten Ways to Create a Focal Point for Your Room

two chairs and plant creating a focal point by the window
When you walk into any room you will immediately feel more comfortable if your eyes have a focal point to rest on. It may be a large fire place or a window overlooking a manicured garden, but some rooms don’t have such an architectural feature and you may need to create a focal point of your own

How you choose to create a focal point will depend on the size and shape of the room as well as the room’s function. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Focal Points

  • If the room is not square, position your sofa on one of the longest walls in the room. To draw attention to this focal point, hang a large painting or mirror above the sofa.
  • Create a tablescape using ornaments, pictures, plants or a flower arrangement. You could also create a theme using items that you have collected. Adding an elegant table lamp can further accentuate this focal point.
  • If you want to accentuate your fire place as a focal point hang a large painting or mirror above the mantel shelf. Be careful not to position it too high otherwise you will detract focus from the fire place. Keep your accessories on top of the mantel simple. During summertime when you are not lighting a fire, put a flower arrangement or a plant and perhaps some candles in the grate so you’re not just staring at an empty hearth.
  • If you don’t have a real fire place to emphasize as a focal point you can create a faux fire place and use the same techniques to enhance its attraction.
  • Have a collection of themed items hanging on the wall such as pictures, musical instruments or memorabilia.
  • Your dining table should not be a focal point. Draw attention to a sideboard by hanging a painting or mirror over it and flanking it with two chairs.
  • In the bedroom your bed is often the focal point merely because of its size. A pleasing headboard or wall hanging can make a big difference and shift the focus.
  • Shelves can always be turned into excellent focal points, but don’t fill them up with row upon row of books unless they are in a study or library. Intersperse them with interesting objects that are pleasing to the eye such as pictures, vases or candles.
  • An armoire or display cabinet makes a great focal point. Don’t put it in a shady corner. Position it at an angle so it will catch the light. Place your collectables carefully so they can be seen at their best.
  • An area rug makes another great focal point. It can look great in front of a fireplace, under a coffee table or even under a pool table in a games room. And don’t forget it can help protect those hardwood floors.
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