Styling Your Home on a Budget

A leafy plant and pair of wicker baskets providing a focal point

You have plenty of style but no cash. Transforming your home into a picture perfect haven of comfort and taste might seem like a tall order but there are shortcuts. Here are some tips that might just help you on your way.

Bold and the Beautiful

If you are thinking about styling your home you need direction and focus. To achieve this you should create a focal point that defines your look and vision. If it becomes a conversation piece for your friends and family rest assured that you have headed in the right direction!

Want the good news? You don’t have to hit the shops to secure this feature either – have a long look at your belongings and think about different ways of presenting them. For example, if you are a music buff, express it with an acoustic guitar, hanging from the wall of your living room.

If you are more of a modern art lover, pick up a large bright canvas at a second hand shop or even make your own, Pollock or Warhol style. Implementing any of these ideas will add a splash of life and creativity to your room without breaking the bank.

Colour by Numbers

Colour is a powerful styling tool. It can transform you to anywhere in the world and can evoke any atmosphere. Choose the right shade of burnished terracotta and you are halfway to re-creating Morocco. Opt for a dark shade of maroon and your room will take on a sophisticated feel.

The next best thing about colour, and more specifically, paint, is that it’s cheap! All you need is a few tins of paint in gorgeous shades that will complement the style you have chosen for your home. If you intend to make a statement, don’t be afraid to paint walls different colours – this is especially great for children’s rooms.

Shopping Spree

If you have a very limited budget, trawling the department stores and high-end furniture shops is totally off-limits. Shopping shouldn’t be ruled out completely though – the flea market is your new hunting ground. Here, you can pick up some great one-off pieces of furniture and accessories. All you have to do is think outside the box. See some mismatched chairs?

Get them at a good price and then get to work. Sand them down and spray paint them in your chosen colour. Add some silk cushions, handmade of course, and you have yourself some unique chairs for the dining room or for around the kitchen.

If flea markets are not your thing, you can still head to a large home wares store. Pick up some cheap pieces of furniture and get customizing. Choose a dresser and put your own handles on it for a unique finishing touch.

If you want to update your kitchen cupboards, but cannot afford new units, rejuvenate them. All you need is a coat of paint, a change of handle and perhaps some stencilled patterns to make them look brand spanking new.

The Little Things

The impact of the finishing touches cannot be underestimated. Make sure you don’t overlook these details. A few bouquets of homegrown flowers, a smattering of scented candles, and a few cheap blankets strewn around the living room, can transform your house into a real home.

How about making your own cushions and pillows? Nothing says home more than a couch or a bed littered with cushions. These are comfortable and cosy. You could simply update the ones you already have by sewing on tassels at the corners or by adding diamante details to the edges.

Alternatively, if you love rich colours, get some silk sari material and use it to make gorgeous cushion covers. Super sewing skills are not required either – it’s simply a case of measuring your material, cutting two squares and sewing them together!

Styling your home on a budget is not impossible. What you need is a little creativity and imagination. Look at what you have and think about how you can present it to make it new and unique. Head to the stores and read magazines for inspiration and enjoy creating your stylish home!

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