Styling Your Home to Maximise Sale Potential

Home Staging
When planning to sell your home it is important to make it appealing to potential purchasers. This could mean redecorating or even staging the home in order to get the best possible price and a quick sale.

Home Staging

Home staging may be a new concept to you. Basically it means that you set each room of your home making it as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Although you may love your own possessions they may not make the best of your property.

It is possible to rent the right sort of furniture and decorations that would catch a potential buyer’s eye and ensure they pay the asking price.


Fine, you have decided to stage your home but how do you do it? There are companies that will come into your home and stage it for you but if this is out of your price range then you can do it yourself.

Purchase as many home style magazines as possible as see what the latest trends are. Keep decorations to a minimum and de clutter your rooms.

By keeping things simple you will give buyers the opportunity to imagine your home with their possessions rather than be blinded by your orange carpet and pink curtains.


Put all your possessions into storage while selling the home and that includes all that junk in your spare bedroom that is too good to throw away. It is possible to find secure storage in most towns and it is not too costly to rent a lockable safe container or room for as long or as little time that is needed.

Convince your children that this is for the best and they will get all their toys back as soon as the house is sold.

Decorating to Sell

View your home with a critical eye. Does the wallpaper look tired, are the carpets threadbare? Freshen the walls with a coat of paint – a bare canvas looks better than a fancy patterned call.

Keep family photographs and paintings to a minimum a simple framed mirror is far better than Aunty Joan’s fancy dress party or a painting of dogs playing snooker.

Wash down all the paint work and make sure the front door has a glossy coat of paint. If your kitchen cupboards have seen better days replace them rather than the whole kitchen. Go for cosmetic effect rather than an expensive overhaul.

Whoever buys your home will want to stamp it with their own ideas so you are just making your home look habitable to sell. Rip up old carpets and stain the floorboards.

Check the bathroom is clean and put a new toilet seat in the bathroom.

Final Touches

When it comes to the day of viewing banish pets to kennels and cattery and open all the windows. A fresh smelling house is better than one with an overbearing odour of lavender air fresheners. Plenty of flowers around the home are always welcoming.

It may be corny but pleasant smells such as coffee brewing and fresh bread are very enticing. It may be worth treating yourself to a bread maker!

With some forward planning and a little effort not only will your home sell quickly but you will get the asking price.

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