Storage for Small Spaces

A cramped bedroom space

Most people live in a home with limited storage space. We take a look at storage for small spaces and offer tips on making small spaces seem bigger.

Most people do not live in sprawling mansions so saving space in their homes is necessary. Unfortunately stylish options for storage for small spaces can be few and far between if you simply go the bookcase and storage units route so when you’re confronted with small spaces try to look at the problem creatively.

First, purge what you do not need and only allow useful items to remain. Next, invest in some multi-tasking furniture and accessories. While you’re at it try to use all available space.

Finally, if you truly can’t fit anything else into your small space, fake a little bit more by opening up your rooms with some easy interior design tricks. When you’re done your rooms will look bigger, neater, and much more organised.

Purge the Items you Don’t Need

When you’re working with small spaces you must purge items that you don’t need so that they don’t clutter up your space and distract you from the items that really do come in handy. Look around your home and get rid of any item which is not both attractive and functional.

What should be left are only items which fit your interior designs scheme and make your life easier. When this purge is complete, move on to investing in some furniture to house the remaining items.

Invest in Storage

Though it may sound odd when confronted with limited space, a great way to open up a small space is to leave some unused floor space. And one of the best ways to leave some open floor space is to invest in furniture that doubles as storage units.

For example, rather than cramming in a bed, an easy chair, a desk, a night table and a book case you could simply use a day bed gives you space to both sleep and relax and pair it with a drop-leaf table that acts as both a desk and night table.

While you’re at it, remember to use the storage space that your furniture creates, such as openings under the bed for baskets or containers and pretty dishes or boxes on the tables to house smaller items.

Remember, decorations are wonderful in their own right but they should also serve a purpose.

Use all Available Space

While you’re choosing furniture and accessories remember that in small spaces it is imperative to use all available space for storage. This usually means getting a little creative. Try bringing in colourful boxes, hanging baskets, over-the-door shelves and containers to hang from your wardrobe rail.

Don’t forget about handy storage spaces like on top of a bookshelf, behind a door and on a windowsill. Invest in a few interior design magazines, or splurge on a professional organiser, and you will probably start to see space opening up in your home that you never considered for storage.

Fake it

When you’ve truly done all you can and you still feel that your home seems a little small (and/or crammed with possessions), one final way to get some more space is to fake it.

If you live in rented accommodation make sure that you secure your landlord’s permission before making any changes, but otherwise remember that you can open up a room by painting walls and ceilings a light colour, using a large wall mirror to promote light and trick the eye into seeing more space and making the back of doors a part of the room by hanging art pieces or posters.

Using all of your new storage space to keep your possessions in order and your rooms neat will also help make small spaces seem much larger. Mission accomplished!

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