How to Make a Room Look Bigger

Making a small room look bigger can feel like an impossible task, but there are actually a number of easy ways to achieve this. Whether you have a compact living room, small bedroom, or tiny dining area, take a look at our top tips for creating an illusion of space in your home.

Opt for Glass Furniture

Glass furniture will help to make your small room look bigger. Being able to see through your furniture changes the perspective and will make your room feel more open, whereas wooden or coloured furniture can look bulky and imposing in smaller spaces.

Polished steel and glass coffee table
Moritz Glass Tables

Glass side tables and tables with glass tops will help you to make your living room look larger, whereas a glass dining table will work wonders for your compact dining room.

In your bedroom, opt for glass topped bedside tables which will instantly create an illusion of space.

Use Mirrors

There are a number of ways that mirrors can be used to make a small room appear larger. Full-length mirrors will draw the eye upwards which makes the room appear taller, and oversized mirrors can make it look like your room has doubled in size!

Arched window style mirror
Foras Arch Window Metal Frame Wall Mirror (

If you have a room with only a small window, or no window at all, a mirror that has been designed with panes to imitate a window, like the striking Foras Arch Window Metal Frame Wall Mirror, will instantly make any room feel bigger and brighter.

Leaner-style mirror
3D Geo Leaner Mirror (

If you’re in a rented property where you can’t hang anything on the walls, you’ll find that propping mirrors up against a wall will have an equally impressive effect. The 3D Geo Leaner Mirror is perfect for this as it doesn’t have a frame which gives it a clean and streamlined look.

Utilise Storage Furniture

Clearing a small room of clutter will immediately make it look bigger. One of the best ways to do this is by utilising storage furniture which has multiple purposes.

Ottoman storage bed
Olivier Linen Ottoman Storage Bed Frame (

For example, choose a coffee table with a handy shelf, like the Milan Oak Glass Top Coffee Table, or an ottoman bed, such as the Olivier Linen Ottoman Storage Bed Frame, which offers the perfect place to store clothes, towels, and spare bedding.

Extending dining table and 4 chairs
Richmond Extending Natural Dining Table (

For your dining area, a stowaway dining set is ideal as the chairs can be neatly tucked away when not in use. Alternatively, an extending dining table might suit you if you have a little more space. The Richmond Extending Natural Dining Table is a great choice as its stunning pale grey colour will look lovely without dominating the room.

Now that you’ve read our tips on how to make a small room look bigger, you can start creating an illusion of space in your own home.

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