Give your rented home style without losing your deposit

With stamp duty tax hikes coming into force, landlords are feeling the financial squeeze more than ever. It’s likely this will lead to higher rent for tenants with less spent on property maintenance or decor.

Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you want a home that looks like a shambles. Maybe you want to stamp your personality on your pad or keep up to date with the latest home design trends. Perhaps you just want to make your home look presentable and less like a 90’s student house. But apart from accessorising, how is it possible to decorate without making a mess of it and losing your hard-earned cash in the process?

Some landlords are happy for tenants to decorate as this usually adds value to the property and absolves them of the responsibility. But what if your landlord doesn’t want to play ball? There’s no need to despair. There are plenty of non-permanent, low-cost ways to give your rented home the interior overhaul it probably needs.

Here’s a selection of the best ways to spruce up your pad without risking your deposit…

The writing’s on the wall

Want to cover up nasty cracks or marks? Try wall decals or stickers. There’s a fantastic range available from arty to floral to big letters.

When removing, wave a hair dryer over them – the heat helps to peel the stickers away without leaving more marks.

It does depend on the state of the wall to start with so test on a small area first and remember that if the paint is peeling already the decals will probably take some of this off when removed; simply paint over any patches using a tester pot.

3D Butterfly Wall Stickers
3D Butterfly Wall Stickers from

If the walls aren’t too bad consider popping up some paper to make a statement. There are stacks of easy hanging and removable wallpapers on the market. Worried about sticking the wallpaper? Try this creative tip: paste the paper onto some plaster board then hang it or lean it against a wall to create a feature. This also works well to hide existing wallpaper.

Hang about

Command Picture Hangers
With so many people renting it was only a matter of time before someone developed damage-free hanging kits. Command offer a fantastic range of hanging sets letting you hang and attach without fear of damaging the walls. Various sizes available from

Create your own mini-gallery by framing a set of postcards, scraps of interesting wallpaper or fabric, and hang with strip picture hooks.

You don’t need to miss out on doing-up the bathroom either. Command’s water resistant sticky hooks are also great for hanging things without having to drill holes into your bathroom wall.

Soft furnishings

Many renters revamp with soft furnishings. Think cushions, throws, curtains and lampshades.

Popping up a pair of your own curtains in your chosen colour or pattern can instantly change the feel of a room. This needn’t be expensive. Curtains are easy to make and there are plenty of shops on the high street that sell fabric for a reasonable price.

Store the landlord’s curtains away safely in a dry, dust-free place so you can replace them at the end of the tenancy.

Similarly, lampshades are readily available in a fantastic range of colours and fabrics and are easy to change. No need to put up with that cheap paper lantern in the hallway anymore!

Rental property carpets usually leave a lot to be desired, from garish patterns to ugly stains. It’s always worth freshening them up with a hired carpet cleaner. If that doesn’t make them look better consider a cover up.

Rugs are back in fashion as renters look to hide tired carpets. The best thing about this is you can match the colour to your chosen scheme then take the rugs with you when you move. And if you happen to spill anything no need to worry about ruining the landlord’s flooring.

Being a renter doesn’t mean putting up with rubbish decor or missing out on the latest interior design trends. A few simple tricks will have your place looking great in no time. And using non-permanent decorating tricks means you can update as quickly as the seasons change!

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