Give Your Kitchen an Overnight Makeover

Kitchen refreshed with a few decorative accessories and a jug of tulips

Changing the look of your kitchen can be refreshing and need not be expensive – and for those who worry about the process taking time, it can often be achieved overnight.

Homeowners often quake at the thought of giving their kitchen a new look – fears of work running into the tens of thousands can certainly be off putting. But in many ways these anxieties are misplaced. Giving a kitchen a new look can actually be incredibly easy – in fact, you could even do it overnight.

Be Prepared

If your aim is to come back from work and settle down to spending a long evening giving your kitchen a new look then you have to be prepared. Sit down and plan exactly what you want to do and what you will need to buy.

Remember, one of the beauties of a kitchen is that it can be easily accessorised and with a few simple – and often inexpensive – changes, it can really look quite different. Go out and make your purchases and then check through them, making sure you have everything you need, right down to the brushes.

Your Kitchen Walls

Changing the colour of your kitchen walls will immediately have an effect on the look of your kitchen. Whether you can achieve this overnight will depend on the surface area, however, but many kitchens do have very little wall space. Buy a one-coat paint product and you may be able to achieve a dramatic look in a matter of two or three hours.

For those with larger wall areas, consider adding accessories. Buy a large mirror, have big posters or prints framed or mount a clock, calendar or notice board to distract the eye.

Cupboard Doors

One of the best tricks for changing the look of your kitchen overnight is to give your kitchen units new fronts. Here you have a couple of options. The more costly – but the one that will almost certainly have the greatest effect – is to buy new doors.

These days most fitted kitchens are built around carcasses and doors on the front can simply be unscrewed and replaced. Doing this will give the illusion of a completely new kitchen – from veneer to solid wood, painted to gloss laminate, you can certainly effect a huge change overnight. If budget is an issue, however, simply paint your cupboard doors.

Research the base material of your doors carefully and ensure you choose the right products and are aware of the correct steps to follow before starting.

Finishing Touches

Small touches will make all the difference in finishing off your “new look” kitchen but can also have a dramatic look on their own. Screwing on new cupboard handles can take a matter of minutes but can change the appearance of your units.

Investing in new kitchen accessories in one particular colour or style can also have an effect. Buy a new kettle, toaster, tea and coffee storage jars and even new bins. Opt for styles that bring your new look together.

Similarly, a new blind can be hung in no time at all. Door mats can be replaced and if you have a section of the kitchen that is well away from dangerous appliances and where it is safe to lay a rug, this will also help to transform your space.

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