Using Fabrics to Change the Look of a Bedroom

Geometric pattern bedding

Fabrics can be great fun to work with and can help to create a whole new look within a room. One space in which this works particularly well is the bedroom, where material can be used to great effect.

If you fancy a change of style or a slightly different look, fabrics can be an easy and economical way of doing so. Under-used, in a world in which the modern desire for clean lines and clear spaces sees householders often seeking minimalist solutions, they offer flexibility in furnishings, colour and texture in your home design.

The bedroom is an ideal space in which to indulge in some material changes. Its role as something of a sanctuary lends itself well to potential differences you can achieve through the use of fabric.

Start with the Bed

Nine times out of ten the focal point of a bedroom will be the bed itself. This does not have to be anything as dramatic as a four poster or sleigh bed but by adapting its appearance through your use of fabrics you will automatically give the room a major change. The obvious place to start with the bed is in the cover.

Do consider changing the bedding itself, however, too. A very plain room could well be able to carry a heavily patterned duvet cover and matching pillow cases. Lack of texture in these could be compensated by strong colours and exciting designs that draw the eye as soon as you come in.

Texture and Colour

To bring texture into your room, however, through the use of fabric, why not go for an exciting quilt or coverlet. Ruffles, pleats and rough silk textures can be pulled off against a backdrop of plain coloured walls and other simple furnishings.

A basic room can be transformed into a sumptuous space with more than a touch of luxury. Similarly, bring in the exotic by opting perhaps for an Asian design, featuring sequins, mirrors or beads, or something African, with heavy stitching.

You may have to invest in this one piece of beautifully hand-made fabric, but it will carry your whole room.

Drapes and Cushions

Fabrics can also effect change by being brought into the bed area in other ways. If you are lucky enough to have a four poster, try teaming up a light voile – twisted around the wood – with scatter cushions in a fabric of the same colour.

Otherwise, take your voile and create an overhead drape against the wall behind your bed. Try this in a fabric that is the same shade, but a tone or two lighter, than your bedding or your coverlet. Then, once again, bring in scatter cushions that tie in.

Scatter Cushions

Remember that scatter cushions can be used elsewhere in the bedroom too. As well as changing the fabric on cushions on your bed, carry the soft look through by putting them on chairs. If you have the space, try adding a large floor cushion or bean bag, covered again in the same fabric, or in a compatible shade. Cushion covers can be made very easily. Search the internet for a simple pattern and buy your fabric from a market or cheap local or internet store.

If you have kept the fabric on your bed relatively simple, you could dare to bring in texture and brighter colour through the cushions. Try a shaggy woollen look, faux fur or animal print, textured silk or even a fluffy fabric.

Dress your Windows

Finally, look to your window dressing. Once again, this does need to tie into your overall room design but in itself could make a dramatic change to your bedroom if replaced.

For something stylish, try a voile under-layer, topped off with heavier curtaining in a darker yet complementary colour. For sumptuous, go for a rich fabric – perhaps velvet or even tapestry-look.

To create a warm, period look to your room, take your curtains right down to floor level, and even consider covering your pelmet in the same fabric. Modern curtains may also be long but need to be lighter to bring a cleaner more contemporary feel to the room.

Changing fabrics in your bedroom can have a dramatic effect. By tying in your soft furnishings, you can bring a whole new look to your space. Equally, by changing one or two items, you can freshen up your room bringing in just enough difference to give the space a welcome new feel.

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