Embracing the Inky Blue Interior Trend

Quickly becoming the ‘new black’, inky blues give you the opportunity to add a dark colour to your home without making your spaces feel cold. The rich and warm tones that an inky blue palette can bring to any room will mean that you can produce a dramatic look that is also cosy and inviting, making it perfect for everything from kitchens to bedrooms.

Copper accessories in a dark blue painted kitchen
Croft Collection ‘Hammered Copper’ range at John Lewis

Metallics pair with inky blues beautifully, so we suggest adding copper or bronze accessories to kitchens and bathrooms decorated in these shades to create a luxurious look.

Inky blue ceramic bowl
Fusion Embossed Bowl, 15cm, Lapis

One of the best ways to add this colour palette to these rooms is to paint your cabinets, as this will make a bold statement and nod to the trend without being overpowering. You can also purchase inky blue ceramics to display on shelves and in open or glass-fronted cupboards if you’re not looking to redecorate.

Inky blue feature wall
Dulux – Inky Blue

Another great way to add inky blues to rooms, especially living and dining rooms, is to paint a feature wall. The block colour on the wall itself can be broken up by adding wall art or mirrors, which will also bring more light into the room, or perhaps hang a large clock for extra impact.

Inky blue abstract print
Green Lili – Aura Abstract 1 Framed Print & Mount, Blue

Alternatively, choose a printed or patterned wallpaper in inky blue tones that will make it look less dramatic but will look simply stunning.

Abstract print quilted bedspread
Livia Quilted Bedspread, Multi

If you are taking inky blues into the bedroom or living room, create a palette that includes bright jewel colours which will make the space pop.

Oranges, pinks, and yellows will really stand out against dark walls and inky blue furniture, so go wild choosing scatter cushions, bedding, throws, and ornaments that will draw attention and bring vibrancy into the room.

Indigo spot cushion
Maxi Spot Cushion, Indigo

Or, add inky blue accessories to a neutral coloured room to add fabulous depth and effortless style.

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