Building Your Own Garden Office or Studio

Quirky garden studio
A quirky garden studio/summerhouse

Whether you work from home, have a space-consuming hobby, simply want a place away from your family to call your own, a garden studio could be just the thing for you. Our guide will give you some ideas and pointers to get you started.

DIY or Don’t?

Whether or not you decide to take on the building of your studio yourself will probably depend on ability, budget and scope. From flat pack to start from scratch, there are a few options available to you, and it’s possible to spend as much or as little as you like.

Think about your requirements carefully and consider how much time you’re likely to spend in your studio. This should give you an idea of the complexity of the project.

Self Assembly

As with a garden shed it’s possible to buy DIY-friendly flat-packed garden studios that are relatively easy to erect. Don’t forget, though, that whatever your framework, you’ll need to place it upon a secure, stable and damp proof foundation.

It’s important to get this foundation stage right, or you may well find that your studio wobbles around or even subsides. If you’re not comfortable marking out and laying foundations this is the one part of the process where it’s wise to enlist the help of a professional.

Home from Home

If you plan to work from your studio you’ll probably be spending a significant proportion of your day inside it. That means it’ll need to be insulated and heated in some way to keep you comfortable in colder weather.

It goes without saying that you’ll also need to weatherproof the outside of the studio, and the treatment you choose will depend on the building material.

Wood is the most common choice, in which you can buy and easily apply a proprietary wood treatment to preserve the wood from weather damage.

Wired for Sound

It’s likely that whatever your use for your garden studio you’ll need power and possibly a telephone and internet access.

Unless you’re comfortable with wiring and have the relevant experience, it’s a wise idea to call in an electrician who will be able to make a safe and tidy job of your requirements. This need not be expensive and will give you peace of mind that your set-up is going to cater for your needs, business and pleasure.

Hot Work

Heating options vary according to space, but if yours is a small studio it will be adequately heated by a mobile oil-filled radiator. These are reasonably priced and retain heat well even after they’ve been switched off.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer a more permanent arrangement, why not consider under floor heating? Unobtrusive and efficient, this is a great way to heat your studio discreetly.

Safe and Sound

Remember to secure your studio, especially if you’ll be leaving home office equipment behind you at the end of the garden. As well as a good quality lock it’s worth considering an alarm system to act as an intruder alert and a deterrent to any unwanted garden visitors.

Built well from good quality materials, there’s no reason why your garden studio shouldn’t last you for a long time to come.

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