Habitat Holsted Sliding Door Wardrobes

Sliding door wardrobe
Maximise storage space without eating into the surrounding space in your bedroom, with the Habitat Holsted collection of sliding door wardrobes…
Sliding mirrored door wardrobe with hanging rail and internal shelf
Habitat Holsted Small White & Mirror Wardrobe
W120× D60 × H200 cm
Gloss white sliding door wardrobe
Habitat Holsted Gloss Medium Sliding Wardrobe
W150 × D60 × H200 cm
Sliding mirrored door wardrobe
Habitat Holsted Large White & Mirror Sliding Wardrobe
W180 × D60 × H200 cm
Wide sliding door wardrobe
Habitat Holsted White Extra Large Wardrobe
W200 × D60 × H200 cm

A functional alternative to a standard wardrobe, which opens outwards and cuts into the usable space around your bedroom or dressing room, the Habitat Holsted sliding door wardrobes introduce one key difference to the market – they slide rather than open outwards. Read more…

On the surface, these wardrobes look the same as any other. However, the sliding function means that you don’t need to leave space around the front of the wardrobe in order to be able to open it – thus ensuring that the function of your clothing storage unit does not impede on the amount of usable space in the room.

In addition to this, the sliding door means that more light reaches the inside of your wardrobe when it’s open, making it easier for you to browse the contents and select an outfit.

Not to mention, the white gloss aesthetic and the integrated mirror surface on some of the wardrobes in the collection means that these wardrobes are super modern and stylish – complimenting any and all bedroom surroundings with ease.

If you want to maximise the storage space in your home, these wardrobes are a user friendly addition which combines a simple mechanism with a modern and stylish finish.

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