Norland Sliding Door Wardrobes

2-door sliding wardrobe with anthracite finish
Norland Anthracite 2 Door Sliding Wardrobe
W180 × D60 × H206 cm
£399 – £549
Wardrobe with one grey and one mirrored sliding door
Norland Anthracite 2 Door Sliding Mirrored Wardrobe
W180 × D60 × H206 cm
£399 – £549
Wardrobe interior with 2 shelves and 2 hanging rails
Norland Wardrobe Interior with central divider, twin hanging rails and high-level shelves.

Creating a spacious and contemporary look, the Norland Anthracite sliding wardrobes boast plentiful storage while remaining aesthetically pleasing due to the clever design. Read more…

Sliding door wardrobes make a smart alternative for smaller spaces as they require less space in front of them, meaning they can fit into almost any room with ease.

If you do have a small or confined space, opting for the Norland Anthracite 2 Door Sliding Full Mirrored Wardrobe can help to enhance the size of the room with its double mirror feature.

Alternatively, the Norland Anthracite 2 Door Sliding Mirrored Wardrobe with its single mirrored door also creates a similar and more understated effect.

Each of the wardrobes feature clothing storage space which is split into two spacious cabinets by a central divider as well as a pair of separated overhead shelves creating maximum storage while still helping to create a refined and distinguished overall look.

With an engineered track system that glides effortlessly and two metal hanging rails optimizing both compartments, the Norland Anthracite range is a first-class addition to any modern bedroom.

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