Versailles Beds

Transform your bedroom into your very own French dream, with this Paris-inspired bed frame, complete with weathered wooden frame and your choice of an upholstered headboard – available in the rustic rattan material or in a softer and more opulent linen…

French-style wooden bed with linen upholstered headboard
Linen-upholstered winged headboard
Versailles Linen Bed with linen-upholstered winged headboard
Available in Double, & King sizes
From £1,899

To look at the Versailles bed collection from afar, you are immediately struck by the elaborate shape and the subtle curves which give each bed the air of belonging somewhere very high end and elegant.

Oozing expense, the bed is made from weathered oak, which is both durable and extremely high in quality, while the two different headboard finishes let you take control of your own aesthetic finish and vibe.

French vintage-style wooden bed
Winged rattan headboard with oak frame
Versailles Bed with a winged rattan headboard
Available in Double, & King sizes
From £1,999

The rattan headboard is best paired with light surroundings and a very modern, minimalist vibe. The linen headboard, on the other hand, plays into a grander atmosphere and compliments your choice of bedding and surrounding tone with ease – thanks to its slightly padded finish and the soft cream colouring which suits any and every style.

The carved details at the head of the board and around the four posts only serve to enhance the overall beauty of this bed, which will withstand the test of both time and changing trends, staying with you for as long as you’ll let it.

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