Marlborough Bed

Fabric upholstered bedframe with large curved headboard
Transform your night time routine into one of luxury and give your bedroom setting a new lease of life, with the Marlborough bed…
Fabric upholstered bed frame with buttoned headboard and sprung, slatted bases
Available in Double, King & Super King sizes
From £799
Combining its curved headboard with winged edges, the velvet fabric covering, and the subtly padded finish of the frame, which is bolstered by the button detailing, this bed isn’t just attractive to look at it, but it oozes the kind of soft and supple finish that makes you want to stay in bed all day. Read more…

The choice of the chocolate brown-grey velvet fabric serves to create a deep and rich finish which instantly adds warmth to the surrounding space, and which can be adjusted for your bedroom setting through the use and choice of bed sheets.

The cone-shaped wooden feet are raised off the floor to allow for storage space underneath the bed, while the slatted frame which sits beneath the mattress itself is ideal for optimum comfort during the night.

As a bed, this design instantly becomes a centrepiece – one which compliments a modern colour scheme by presenting a finish which is on the darker and warmer side of neutral.

The button detailing adds a traditional flair to the design, while the curved and winged headboard adds a touch of grandeur that’s perfect for a large bedroom.

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