Murray Ergonomic Office Chair

Elevate your workspace at home, or be the envy of the office, with this stylish and ergonomic office chair – finished with a form-contouring backrest and neutral black colouring to fit with any surrounding theme.

Ergonomic office chair with mesh backrest
Murray Ergonomic Office Chair
W73 × D64 × H108 cm
Ergonomic office chair side view
Adjustable height arm rests, backrest and seat height ensure your body is fully supported and cushioned.
The adjustable backrest, interchangeable seat height and flexible and versatile arm rests all ensure that this office chair is as comfortable as it is pleasing to the eye, making work time feel less arduous and ensuring that your body is fully supported and cushioned for the duration of the workday. Read more…

Each of the adjustable buttons and levers are coated in a silver colouring for optimum usability, while the silver base atop wheels makes movement easy and retains completely support and stability for the user regardless of the flooring in their office or workspace.

Existing users and customers herald this office chair for its adjustable elements, citing it as the perfect chair for use both at home and in the office – and praising the simple and neutral design which means that the chair can seamlessly integrate into your surroundings without drawing attention or creating an eyesore.

TOP STYLING TIP: Pair this office chair with bright colours to create a creative and homely workspace, or command power and a strong presence with dark neutrals and natural wood materials around your office space.

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