Habitat Nori Fabric Office Chair

Grey fabric office chair
Habitat Nori Fabric Office Chair – Grey
Pink fabric office chair
Habitat Nori Velvet Office Chair – Pink
Blue fabric office chair
Habitat Nori Velvet Office Chair – Blue

With more workers than ever logging in and working from home, the rise in aesthetically pleasing and stylish office furniture has transformed the market.
This Habitat Nori office chair is the perfect example of a piece which bridges comfort and support with a sleek and stylish design, boasting all the hallmarks of a traditional office chair but with some enhancements that make it a popular choice with home workers. Read more…

To start at the base of the chair, you will see that the design features the classic wheel castors for ease of movement, holding the frame and main stem of the chair in place.

A paddle can be used to elevate or lower the seat according to the user and their workspace, before we get into the frame of the chair itself – which is where the design flair takes over.

Fabric covered and colourful, these office chairs combine high end and coveted fabrics with subtle details that keep your home office or workspace stylish.

Velvet with a lined seam, available in pink, grey, or blue, softens the aesthetic of the chair – not to mention, the soft touch fabric makes working from home feel incredibly luxurious.

All of this, layered atop a frame which offers support and comfort throughout the work day.

W48 × D57 × H87 cm

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