Grayson Desk

Oak desk with storage cupoboard
If you’re looking for a desk which subtly exudes power and status while embracing a softer and more welcoming aesthetic, then look no further than the Grayson desk made from naturally grained oak wood.

A combination of simple design and innovative structural excellence, the side cabinet of this desk is exposed by sliding the door around the outside of the desk – meaning that the door doesn’t open outwards and so can be slotted into a corner space in your home or office without impacting the accessibility of the cupboard.

Oak desk with storage
Grayson Desk, Oak
W105 × D60 × H75 cm
Dark stained with desk
Grayson Desk, Dark
W105 × D60 × H75 cm

Once open, the cupboard is expansive and offers a deep space in which multiple items can be stored. You might even choose to leave this door open on a daily basis and use the cupboard as shelving instead – the choice is yours and will depend on how you intend to use the desk.

The surface of the desk itself is simple and stylish, with rounded edges matched the round legs and offering a finish which compliments a modern and homely space.

Despite not being adjustable in height, this desk is suitable and offers ample space to fit a desk chair neatly under the structured surface.

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