Oak Vitra Noguchi Coffee Table

Designer coffee table with curved oak stand
Vitra Noguchi Coffee Table, Oak
W128 × D93 × H40 cm
If you’re looking for a bold and stylish way to breathe life into your living space, using shapes and textures which contrast with the existing surroundings is a great way of creating a focal point – both areas which the Oak Vitra Noguchi coffee table cover with ease. READ MORE…

From the rounded edges of the coffee table surface and its base to the combination of two completely different materials – oak and glass – this piece manages to be modern but completely unique.

What this means is that while the simplicity of the design compliments a modern and minimalist interior style, the curved edges and textural details give this piece a softening effect in the space.

And what better way to highlight and celebrate a carefully selected living room carpet or rug than with a coffee table that boasts a transparent glass surface?

Aside from the modern design and juxtaposing materials, this coffee table is large enough that it steals focus and easily creates a centre to the room around which the rest of your furniture can be arranged.

Finally, this piece may look delicate from afar, but the build quality is such that this piece has been made to last – withstanding the test of time, wear, and tear.

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