Swyft Model 08 Sofa Bed

Single sofa bed/armchair with paprika velvet upholstery
If you like to have guests over to stay, but lack the space needed for a dedicated spare room, then you will likely be no stranger to the concept of a sofa bed.

The Swyft Model 08 sofa bed, however, is in a league of its own – bridging the style and functionality of the furnishing with a defined and squared shape, slanting armrests, and a selection of removable plump cushions.
Paprika single sofa bed laid flat
Swyft Model 08 Small 1 Seater Single Sofa Bed
W103 × D95 – 195 × H87 cm
From £1,599
Paprika velvet upholstered 2-seater sofa bed
Sofa bed laid flat
Swyft Model 08 Medium 2 Seater Double Sofa Bed
W158 × D95 – 195 × H87 cm
From £1,999

Available as an armchair or two-seater sofa, the versatility of this sofa bed means that it is the perfect standout furnishing for a living space or lounge – with the broad range of available colours and fabrics allowing homeowners to select the piece that best suits and compliments their home. Read more…

In terms of the mechanism itself, the Swyft Model 08 couldn’t be easier to operate. The backrest lays flat while the seat unfolds to display extra length and surface space – turning the entire structure into a suitably flat and comfortable mattress layer.

A small tag, integrated into the finish of the sofa, can be pulled to fold the sofa back into its original shape, while the removable cushions can all double up as pillows for extra comfort overnight.

Guests will be queuing up to stay at your house overnight with the Swyft Model 08.

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