Swoon Denver Sofas

Mustard yellow sofa
A low mounted seat, angular frame, and oversized build comes together in the creation of the Swoon Denver collection – marrying design flair with modern aesthetic shapes and the comfort that you want from your living room furniture.
Indigo fabric upholstered love seat armchair
Swoon Denver Loveseat, Indigo Wool
W140 × D102 × H79 cm

With a series of four different sizes and shapes, ranging from a single-seat loveseat to a two-seater, three-seater, and L-shaped sofa, the Swoon Denver sofa boasts a solution for all homeowners and living spaces, whether you are furnishing a small living room or an open plan layout. And that’s not all. Read more…

Designed to stand out, each of these sofas comes in an assortment of colours and textures, empowering each homeowner and buyer to really bring to life their ideal sofa both in terms of how the colours work in your surrounding space, and with regards to the textural detail and the way that texture supports your overall design.

We particularly love the oversized finish of the seating cushions, which perfectly juxtapose the low-mounted and boxy shape of the frame to make your seat or sofa a hub of self-contained comfort.

From bold colours and expressive textures to the plain and minimalist look of a modern home, bring your family together with the Swoon Denver sofa collection.

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