Repose Zero Gravity Power Recliner

Grey fabric upholstered recliner chair
Repose Zero Gravity Power Recliner – Soft Weave Grey
W76 × D89 × H119 cm
Grey fabric recliner chair
Grey fabric recliner rear
Stone leather upholstered recliner
Repose Zero Gravity Power Recliner Leather Chair, Stone Leather
W84 × D96 × H122 cm
Leather upholstered recliner
Stone leather recliner rear

With mechanical recliner chairs so often presenting bulky frames and oversized remote controls, one of the most obvious benefits of this particular Repose zero gravity power recliner chair lies in its sleek design and the streamlined structure which lends itself to modern living. Read more…

When the recliner function is activated, not only does the backrest stretch out to enable the user’s position to lie back in a reclining movement, but the footrest is elevated to offer support to the whole body – creating a zero gravity feel which lays the whole body in a horizontal position.

The additional features of a cushioned headrest and sweeping armrests only further enhance the comfort of the user, while the choice between a soft touch fabric and elegant leather lend themselves to modern homeowners and buyers.

Arguably one of the best things about this chair is the accessibility of the mechanism itself, which is powered by a button mounted on the outer arm of the chair.

Able to be reached by the user from their position both when seated or reclined, this powerful function allows you to control the chair yourself – making it ideal for users of all ages and abilities.

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